About Me & Contributors

Leigh Anne Borders is an educator, wife, daughter, and mother.  As a native Georgia Peach, Leigh Anne has not ventured out much beyond the Southern states.  If she ever wins the lottery she will travel the world.  One of her dream vacations would be to Alaska to see all the beauty that she offers!  When she is not teaching, tutoring, or blogging, you will find Leigh Anne enjoying time with her family attending events and outings.  If she ever found that she had an extra hour during the day she would spend it cuddling with her family and furbabies!  Leigh Anne loves that she is living life to the fullest making memories with those she holds close to her heart!

If you would like to contact me you may do so at


 Other Contributors Include
From Dad’s Perspective, Mike Borders
Erika Litteral
Janice Miller

From the Younger Generation, Trey and Glynn Borders


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