Henson Cove Place B&B- The Perfect Place to Getaway

Henson Cove Place

I love being able to escape to one of Georgia’s greatest treasures, the picturesque North Georgia Mountains.  Whether you are in the Northeast region or the Northwest or at places in between, one thing is for certain, you will find that this area of Georgia has a way of providing locals and tourists with the much-needed break from the chaos of work and life.

Tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Northeast Georgia is a charming and secluded 3 bedroom farmhouse and cabin bed and breakfast called Henson Cove Place.  My husband and I were recently given the opportunity to stay the night in a century old, well-loved bed and breakfast.  We knew after we rode through the twists and turns of the scenic mountain countryside roads, that we were traveling to the perfect atmosphere for a romantic getaway.  A place where we could relax, unwind, and unplug from the world we knew and get to know one another again.

Henson Cove Place is owned and operated by Mariah and Dave Nugent.  After realizing that life is about more than just the hustle and bustle of corporate  America, Mariah and Dave left their jobs and settled in Hiawassee, Georgia.   As the 3rd owners of this farmhouse, Mariah and Dave share their love of life with others and treat each guest like family.  They welcomed us and showed us around, making sure that we knew that their home was ours for the evening.




Upon entering through the front doors, you immediately step into the tastefully decorated rustic themed common living room with gorgeous hardwood floors.    All the comforts of home ready for you should you need them.  They even offer guests a library full of books that you are free to enjoy during your stay, and believe me, there are plenty of places where you can escape into a good book for hours.




Henson Cove Place Bed and Breakfast features three bedrooms with private baths, and a secluded guest cabin with private bath.  Each guest room is named according to the view and area of the home it is in and it decorated accordingly:  Mountain View. Garden View, and Rainy’s Hideaway.

We were given the largest room in the home, the Garden Suite. It features a queen pine log bed and a private reading area.  This room looks out to their garden and a 100-year-old white pine tree.

One of the things that their website boasts is that the bed in this room is so comfortable that “You’ll be assured a very restful sleep…in fact we bet you’ll be late for breakfast.”  Is it true? YES!  My husband is an early riser, and he was up and at it like usual talking with the other guests of the B&B as I slept soundly in this amazing bed.  I literally woke up about 15 minutes before our scheduled breakfast time, but only because my husband insisted that I get out of bed.  I would have been perfectly fine enjoying more time to sleep; however, that gourmet breakfast that Mariah and Dave prepared was well worth getting out of bed for!



Rainy’s Hideaway, pictured above is another of their rooms that they offer.  It is a secluded room that offers views from the treetops as it is tucked above the dining room.  It features a queen bed with a green iron headboard from an old gate in New Orleans.


In the evening, we returned to our room to find a note waiting for us on the door.

Guests are spoiled with wine,  chocolate dipped strawberries, and other evening snacks.  The kitchen is available throughout the night for guests.



Porch living is just something, in my opinion, that should come standard with a B&B.  There is just something about swaying or rocking while taking in the surroundings that is soothing to the soul.  As you might expect,  we took every opportunity to get cozy on the front with our plush Turkish robes that the B&B provides guests during their stay.  We sat for hours on the porch just enjoying one another’s company while being serenaded by the wildlife around us.  The songs of the birds were simply beautiful!





Of course, no B&B would be complete without a gourmet breakfast.  Providing 5 Star quality restaurant food, Mariah and Dave know how to make their guests feel at home with delicious food baked right in front of you.  Breakfast is served at two times each morning, and you choose what time works best for you.  From the summer eggs to the applewood smoked bacon, these meals are satisfying!   The puff pancakes with fresh fruit was absolutely exceptional.


Here are our Top 10 Reasons to Stay at Henson Cove Place B & B.

  1.   Complimentary wine tastings at nearby vineyards.
  2.   Evening treats – Wine and chocolate dipped strawberries!
  3.   Secluded and Picturesque Views
  4.   Gourmet Breakfast – 5 Stars
  5.   Tranquil and serene all while being serenading by the birds.
  6.   Front Porch Living – Sit for a spell and take in the beautiful Kelly Ridge as you listen to the    songs of birds and gaze upon the horses grazing in the field.
  7.   Guest Wi-Fi – Need I say more?
  8.   Afternoon Snacks and Drinks –  Fresh baked cookies and a variety of beverages offered free to  guests.   It is like being at home!
  9.   Immaculate  It is truly spotless!  Mariah and Dave want to make sure that they provide guests with the absolute best and that means a VERY clean room.
  10.  All rooms have in room temperature control which allows you to adjust it to your personal   liking.  For a girl that it COLD, I was in heaven.


Henson Cove Place Bed and Breakfast is one of those destinations that you need to experience. The charm that this place has to offer thanks to its fabulous innkeepers makes it a place you will want to visit over and over.  It is truly like visiting family.   They are genuine and make you feel at home.  Like a family would, they want to make sure that they provide you with the absolute best. That includes helping to direct you to the best places to eat locally to telling you the perfect places to explore in the area.  They want to make this a memorable visit for you!  So if you are looking to plan an unforgettable anniversary for your significant other or just want to get away for the weekend, head to the B&B that promises breathtaking views, personal service, and pampering.   Be sure to check out Groupon as they frequently offer specials there.  They have one right now that you need to take advantage of.   I know my husband and I plan to get back there soon to experience the charm this place has to offer and to reminiscence with what feels like old friends.
















17 thoughts on “Henson Cove Place B&B- The Perfect Place to Getaway

  1. BeckyW says:

    I am afraid if I went there I wouldn’t want to go home! What a beautiful place to stay! I didn’t want your post to end. For just a few minutes I was at that B&B enjoying everything through your eyes. (posting for Mom Blog Society).

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