Functional and Perfect: CiPU Diaper Bags

We welcomed a precious bundle of joy into the world March 25, and she has definitely stolen our hearts.  Eden Anne is most certainly going to be spoiled rotten as she grows up, and that means we will give her the best.  So, do you want to know what is our choice of diaper bags?

There are alot of choices out there for diapers bags, and choosing one that will fits your needs can be difficult.  You want a bag that is functional and provides you with all the necessary things you might need as a mother.  BUT, you also want to still be stylish.  Having a bag that can be multi-functional is important, but having one that looks good while doing so makes it even better.


You know that ole’ saying “If momma ain’t happy, then nobody’s happy.” Well, CiPU gets that.  CiPU, pronounced shee-poo, is a diaper bag company based in Taiwan, and they have a beautiful slogan that drew us to them.

“Happy Mom. Happy Life.”  

CiPU is the result of research and real experiences.  Founded in 2009, this company knows what moms need when it comes to a diaper bag because they are moms.  With a mission to gift moms with love and affection, these hand crafted bags were intentionally designed to meet the needs of the everyday mom. Their “bags were designed to convey the message of warmth and positive energy to each and every family, so we wanted to deliver that message, that our brand is about the gift of happiness.”

Their diaper bags come in two styles:  tote bags and backpacks.  I choose to go with the backpack diaper bag because I prefer to be able to put it on my back and go.  I don’t want to fool with holding a heavy diaper bag full of all the necessary tools I need each day and hold a baby.

CiPU Backpack Diaper Bag in black with pink polka dots is a great bag for us.  Easy to carry around and full of space, this is the perfect diaper bag for a mom on the go.  Check out what it comes with:

14 Large Compartments
3 Hidden Compartments: storing valuables or hide dirty clothes away from the rest of items.
Personal Belongings Pouch: with detachable straps that can also put diapers,wipes and changing mat.
Foldable Changing Mat: soft and easy cleaning.
Retractable Key Holder: finds keys faster.
Chest Strap: prevents slip-downs.

Bright Colored Lining: finds your items easier.
Water Repellent Inner and Out
Easy Cleaning: most spills can be wiped away.
Prevents Mold: quick dry material helps prevent mold.

As a new parent, we want to make sure we have what we need when we set out.  There is nothing more frustrating than having to pack several different bags just to leave the house for a quick trip.  Plus, if the bag is heavy, then forget about it!  That makes the problem so much more difficult. With the CiPU diaper bag, life can be made so much easier…and IS!  Weighing only 1.2 pounds and water resistant, this bag punches out a lot of functionality and can be used in all settings.  It is stylish and sleek and can even double as your purse.  Yes, you read that right!  This bag is all you need when you head out to take on the world with your little one.  If you are not sold on that alone, then check out their symbol the bowknot.  To be honest, I was not really sure what this was but after looking into it more, I have fallen heads over heels in love with a company that understands what a mother’s love is.

“The bowknot logo represents the ribbon on a “gift”, meanwhile ∞ is defined as “infinity” in mathematics. Children are a precious gift and a parent’s devotion to their children are testimonies to “infinitive love”. The bowknot represents infinite love and the power of gifts in a single wish, a wish that every mother can enjoy blissful, long-lasting memories with their child, the greatest gift in life.”

If you are looking for that perfect diaper bag, you need to look at CiPU.  They really do have the diaper bags that will meet your needs.

CiPU US Official Website:
CiPU Tote Bag on Amazon:
CiPU Backpack on Amazon:


Right now they have an awesome opportunity for someone to win one of their great diaper bags, and you have until April 30 to enter.


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Disclosure:  I was provided with the CiPU Diaper Bag Backpack in exchange for a review.  All opinions presented are 100% mine and were not influenced by the company in anyway. 



16 thoughts on “Functional and Perfect: CiPU Diaper Bags

  1. Coralie says:

    I love the design. Backpacks are always so much better in my opinion. They are easier to carry and are better for organizing.

  2. Joanna says:

    It looks like a very pretty and useful bag for new moms. It’s great that you can carry it as a backpack and that also it is water resistant, for those moments when rain catches you while still on a walk.

  3. Elizabeth O. says:

    I’ve never heard of this brand before! I love the bag though and I think it’s convenient for parents to use. The features are really awesome.

  4. Carol Cassara says:

    It’s a nice gift for new parents! I love that it’s water resistant and it has a lot of storage. It’s a great bag to have especially if you’re going on a trip with your baby!

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