Practical and Fabulous: 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport GT

#driveshop #drivemitsubishi #mitsubishioutlander #mitsubishioutlandersport #2016mitsubishioutlandersportGT

I truly love my hobby as a blogger!  I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with some great companies, and I get to experience some awesome stuff. One of my favorite things to do is check out vehicles.  One of the reasons why I enjoy this so much is because I experience vehicles through different lenses, and I get to tell others about the car on a level that they understand.  Sometimes I put on my mom hat and look for things that would appeal to me as a mom and think about how this might impact someone with kids of all ages.  Other times I look at the vehicle through the lens of a working professional, and how well it travels on road trips.  Occasionally I get to pretend that I am a trendy 20 year old (thanks to my older kids) that gets to step out for a fun night on the town.

#driveshop #drivemitsubishi #mitsubishioutlander #mitsubishioutlandersport #2016mitsubishioutlandersportGT

If you have been following me for quite some time then you know that I am a go-getter.  My mom likes to describe me as having “cabin fever.” I come by this naturally thanks to my father.  I just can’t resist an adventure, and  having my family alongside me to experience life together makes it even sweeter!. But as we all know the journey needs to be a comfortable one!

#driveshop #drivemitsubishi #mitsubishioutlander #mitsubishioutlandersport #2016mitsubishioutlandersportGT


#driveshop #drivemitsubishi #mitsubishioutlander #mitsubishioutlandersport #2016mitsubishioutlandersportGT


#driveshop #drivemitsubishi #mitsubishioutlander #mitsubishioutlandersport #2016mitsubishioutlandersportGT

#driveshop #drivemitsubishi #mitsubishioutlander #mitsubishioutlandersport #2016mitsubishioutlandersportGT

The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport GT is a great CUV to experience, and it has plenty of room too.  As you can see from the images above, four adults can easily fit into this vehicle with room to move.  Plus, you have an 8-way power adjustable driver’s seat.  Just check out how far this  seat lays back!  I mean seriously!  I never seen such a thing.

#driveshop #drivemitsubishi #mitsubishioutlander #mitsubishioutlandersport #2016mitsubishioutlandersportGT

 It also comes equipped with leather seats that are heated.  They definitely want to make sure that you are warm and taken care of.  I would not recommend using it during these 102 degree weather days we are having in Georgia; that is unless you have back pains.  My husband suffers from some pain, and he found comfort in being able to use this feature.

#driveshop #drivemitsubishi #mitsubishioutlander #mitsubishioutlandersport #2016mitsubishioutlandersportGT

As  a practical CUV, this vehicle is perfect for many types of families.  It has a sporty appearance and feel to it all while accommodating the needs of the individual.  With a starting price of $19,595 it is not only an affordable vehicle, but also it saves you money with it’s great MPG .  It gets a surprising 24 miles to the gallon and 31 on the highway.   Just saying, on ONE tank of gas I got nearly 450 miles!  Super impressive!

#driveshop #drivemitsubishi #mitsubishioutlander #mitsubishioutlandersport #2016mitsubishioutlandersportGT

With one tap of a button on the steering wheel, my friends and family are easily accessible using the FUSE Handsfree Link System and Bluetooth voice command.  Plus, one of the BEST features of the Mitsubishi is that they put in one of the best sound systems around!  The Rockford Fosgate sound system is absolutely amazing!  With 9 speakers throughout the cabin and a kickin, bass thumping subwoofer in the trunk, you are pretty much taking a personal DJ with you wherever you go!

#driveshop #drivemitsubishi #mitsubishioutlander #mitsubishioutlandersport #2016mitsubishioutlandersportGT

We also loved the  panoramic moon roof!  What an amazing view it provides.  You even have the flexibility of setting up some lighting to enhance the view.

#driveshop #drivemitsubishi #mitsubishioutlander #mitsubishioutlandersport #2016mitsubishioutlandersportGT

Not only is this vehicle a great CUV, but also it has the most amazing warranty ever!  With a 10-year/100,000-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty3, a 5-year/60,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty, a 7-year/100,000-mile Anti-Corrosion/Perforation Limited Warranty and 5-years/Unlimited miles of roadside assistance, the Outlander Sport will keep you worry-free for years to come!


Here are some other features worth noting:

Active Stability Control (ASC)

The Outlander is equipped with sensors that pick up on whether or not one of your tires is slipping.  If it is, the ASC will communicate with the Anti-lock Braking System to help you gain control of your tires.

Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers

No need to worry about fumbling with the windshield wipers anymore.  Once the Outlander senses rain, the wipers activate.  It will even adjust to the frequency of the rainfall hitting your windshield.

7-Airbag Safety System

A cool safety feature of this CUV is that it offers even more protection with airbags.  This vehicle has a 7th airbag located under the driver’s dashboard to provide even more protection in a front crash.

Rise Body Construction

Mitsubishi’s Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) has got to be the BEST safety feature this CUV offers. The front end of the body has these things called “crumple zones.”  So what does this mean?  It means that  that if you get into a front end collision,  to help route and absorb energy during high-impact collisions, the engine drops and it will crush under the car rather than into the driver.  It basically lowers and goes underneath the front end.

The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport GT is an excellent crossover vehicle for the family.  I was really impressed with how smooth our ride was and the get up and go speed that this CUV has.  If you are in the market for a new vehicle, check out the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised with what all this CUV has to offer.   It is stylish, sporty, practical, and a great purchase!

#driveshop #drivemitsubishi #mitsubishioutlander #mitsubishioutlandersport #2016mitsubishioutlandersportGT

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34 thoughts on “Practical and Fabulous: 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport GT

  1. cgmjemus says:

    It looks like a great car, for a couple or a family. Just the right size. We are retired and it would certainly work for us just the right size. Very sharp looking car as well.

  2. momknowsbest15 says:

    I love all the storage in the back. When my teen goes off to college, it might be time to give up the mini van for this.

  3. Julie Syl Kalungi says:

    Sounds like a great car and the warranty that comes with it would be great for a family looking to bu a car. Thanks for sharing your experience with it. Leather would be great in spring, Winter brrrrr unless it has

  4. Cindy Ingalls says:

    I’m so impressed by the safety features and little extras, like the rain sensing wipers and bluetooth link.I want my car to be reliable and also help keep me safe and secure on the road.

  5. Elizabeth O. says:

    I really like the design, since I prefer SUVs more than sedans. This is perfect for family trips especially because it’s really spacious! Good to know that the GPS works well.

  6. Kathy says:

    That looks like such a nice vehicle. I love how much space it seems to have. That’s something that I always need with a vehicle is space.

  7. Lisa Rios says:

    Mitsubishi is such a great brand name for cars & they are of great quality. The Outlander Sport GT sounds like a wonderful vehicle which looks so comfy with some great features as well for a wonderful riding experience.

  8. Krystle Cook says:

    I love the Mitsubishi brand and they never stop amazing me with the technology that they put into their vehicles.

  9. mskathykenny says:

    This review is pretty on the spot and on point on everything. The 10 year warranty is the most extensive thing that I have ever seen.

  10. Ria Rosaura Romero says:

    never seen this one since i’m not really into new cars but just seeing their features and what they offer, makes me wish I am a millionaire so i can afford to buy all this new cars.

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