Flyaway Indoor Skydiving-Perfect Gift for the Adventurous


Are you looking for a unique gift to give someone adventurous?  One gift that I feel people often overlook is the gift of adventure and memory making. As my children get older and older I realize that the “stuff” I stand in lines for brings little satisfaction in the long run.  Of course, the gifts I choose to give people bring them satisfaction.  Getting the latest toy or game makes for happy faces.  Over time though I have come to value the memories we make more than the “stuff.”  That is why I try to purchase gifts that provide an adventure for my loved ones.  I want to  deposit memories with our family that will stand the test of time.  Things that they can look back on and realize how much fun they had.

What great place to find adventure is Pigeon Forge.  There is so much to do and see here that you could make multiple trips here and still not get everything in!  Recently my son shared with me that he wanted to try indoor skydiving.  When I learned about Flyaway Indoor Skydiving in Pigeon Forge, I knew I needed to schedule this adventure for him.

indoor skydiving


Flyaway Indoor is the first and longest running vertical wind tunnel open to the public! The staff is quite knowledgeable and love what they do.  You begin your adventure with a classroom briefing.  Here you will learn how you are to lay and the signs that will be used during your flight.  Afterwards they assist you with your flight gear.  You will want to wear closed shoes tennis shoes that can be tied tightly.  You do no want these slipping off during your experience.  They will give you ear plugs, goggles, and gloves to wear.  Then you are off to the experience the basics of human flight in their vertical wind tunnel. No experience is necessary, honest!  The instructors will be there to guide you as you spread your wings and learn to FLY!  Glynn had an absolute blast!

If you are asking yourself about those people who do specials jumps and spins and good ness what else…can you do that in this tunnel?  Well, actually you can.  The problem is you gotta learn how to do those tricks.  Believe it or not, what Glynn did on his trip was exhausting!  It truly takes all your strength to keep the right position.  When your position/form is correct, you can learn to do the tricks.  It is just like riding a bike.  You gotta start with the basics before you can build up to the stunts.  It is possible, but you gotta keep going.

Glynn truly enjoyed himself and this is something that we will be doing over and over. He is looking forward to the day when he can actually jump from an airplane.  Me–not so much!

Right now they are offering $5.00 Off Video Service – Take the experience home! Show your friends! HD video of your flight on USB thumbdrive. Bring your Flyaway USB back to record additional flights.

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Flyaway Indoor Skydiving

Current Hours
11am to 6pm daily; CLOSED WEDNESDAYS

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