My family and I enjoy creating memories together.  Just taking time away from life to enjoy one another is important.  That’s why I can’t wait to share with you about  our recent trip Medieval Times experience. It was truly a “Knight to Remember!”

I headed out for a much needed Girl’s Night Out with my mother and niece!  We just needed time away from our busy lives to reconnect!  There were plenty of laughs and smiles, but that it what one should expect when you head to Medieval Times.  It is a great place to create memories with those you love.


Medieval Times has an awesome reputation for being family friendly, and we love being part of a magical story that involves lots of entertainment and action.  We want to be whisked back in time to a place where people were called Lords and Ladies.  Where chivalry was in!



Upon entering the castle, your family is assigned a knight to cheer for!  Paper crowns are given for you to wear and your family’s picture is taken with some of the characters in the show.  These pictures are later available for purchase if you choose to do so and they are placed in a beautiful Medieval Times commemorative keepsake book.

Once inside you are able to enjoy the castle. There is a great fireplace with a roaring fire where you can sit and relax before the doors to the arena open.  You can also view lots of different things including weapons, suits of armor, Medieval artifacts, a live bird display and the dungeon.

To start the show the Lord Chancellor gathers the crowd before the throne and guests are directed by the Knight’s color to their seats. When the doors open, do not worry about running in to get the best seat!  When you enter the castle, tables are assigned.  Just check out your “table” number on the card that was provided.  We were considered VIP Royalty so we were able to sit in the front row.  This option is available for you to purchase.  Even if you are not in the front row, EVERY table is excellent in that arena and I am not kidding!

VIP Royalty is a great way to go for an additonal fee. here’s is what you get:

Priority Castle Access

VIP First Row, All Section Seating,or Second Row in Center Section

Priority Seating Access

Knight’s Rally Towel

Cheering Banner

VIP Lanyard

Framed Entrance Group Photo

Whether you choose to get the VIP Royalty treatment or not, included in the price of the show is a 4 course, utensilfree meal. This is served during the show, so you are entertained as you eat.. You are served by “wenches” and “serfs” that are terrific! They are very efficient and remain in character, answering every request with “Yes, my Lord“, or “As My Lady wishes“. The menu is definitely “fit for a king!”   It includes pureed tomato soup, garlic bread, roasted chicken half, BBQ rib, half a potato, & an apple pastry along with beverages. There is a vegetarian option available upon request.  They even provide warm wet-wipes after the meal to clean up hands and faces!



The show provides heart pounding entertainment! There is exciting music, beautiful costumes, dramatic lighting, fighting and of course, knights and horses! Crowd participation is expected as you cheer for your favorite knight. The show delivers audience favorites such as live jousting and sword fights with authentic weaponry and enhanced armor.  You can;t help be get involved in the story line as your knight wows you and the crowd with his skills.  We certainly left this place with a feeling of joy and wanting to plan our next visit!


Right now my readers can save money for your family fun trip to Medieval Times. Adults $36.95 and children (12 and under) $29.95 with the code MT3629 through 2/28/17. Go HERE to take advantage of this great offer!


Living a Full Life is happy to host a giveaway for a family four pack of tickets to Medieval Times in Atlanta.

GIVEAWAY OVER- Winner is Hepler Family


  1. Lucinda Fox says:

    Thank you for the discount code. This is something I’m sure we would enjoy. As a single mom I still can’t afford the discounted prices but maybe it’s something we could ask for for Christmas from family.

  2. Tiffany Wong says:

    We’ve gone and it was so much fun! Buuuuuuttttt….one of my children was out of town so she didn’t get to attend. Every time we walk by the Sugarloaf location, she says something about it. What a great Christmas surprise this would be for her!

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