Chick-fil-A College Football Hall of Fame


The boys and I had the opportunity to visit Chick-fil-A’s College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, Georgia and I can honestly say that I am even more ready for some college football!

The College Football Hall of Fame is located in downtown Atlanta is the perfect place to experience your favorite college team like never before!

You begin your experience walking through an entry tunnel that leads to the Quad.   You will create your All-Access Pass at a Kiosk where you select the school you want to represent.  This allows the experience to be tailored around your interests.   Once you select your team, the college’s football helmet will light up and stay lit throughout your experience.  Basically, any football with a blue light is being represented at that particular day and time.


After marveling at the enormous wall of over 768 helmets and trying to find the teams you know, you begin your visit on the 3rd floor.  This floor is home to the actual Hall of Fame. One of the coolest parts of this exhibit was the large touchscreen computer that reads your badge.  Now this is not just an ordinary computer.  You literally move it, and the timeline moves along with you.  Think of it like your touchscreen tablet.  When you slide your finger across it, you see more.  With this computer screen, you are standing and twisting the computer to see even more of the timeline.  It was really COOL!  These computers will pull up the Hall of Fame players for your school where you will see bios, pictures, videos, and more.

The second floor immerses you into technology and your favorite college football team.  Here is the heart of the experience!  My boys had an absolute BLAST!  One exhibit that stands out to me is the field perspective immersion.  Basically you get the opportunity to feel as if you are standing right on the field of your favorite team.  You get to experience their entrance to the field and other traditions.  The cool thing is how you get to literally scan 360 degrees!

Moving through the exhibit, take time to create your own player and team.  As you can see from the picture below, this was intense for the men!  Taking time to get it just right was the objective and to see your stats light up on the screen for all to see, was yet another highlight of the day.


Want to become a sportscaster?  Put on a headset, pick out the play, and call the shots!  The best part, it can be played back for all to hear and enjoy!  I can tell you this, it is not as easy as it seems when hearing them.  This exhibit certainly made me appreciate them even more for their gifts they bring to game day.

My boys really enjoyed the College GameDay set with a green screen where you were the guest.   Select your team and read from the screen.  Who knows?  You might find your mascot has come to join you!



The Playing Field

Another fun area is the playing field.  Children of ALL ages will enjoy spending time here.  Go through Touchstone Tunnel and learn about teams that touchstones before hitting the playing field.  Upon leaving the tunnel, you enter into the playing field, an indoor half-football field.  Here you can try to kick a field goal on their regulation goal post.  Perhaps you want to try running through some drills and catching the football.  Here every fan can experience what it feels like to be apart of the team.  My boys could have stayed on the playing field for hours.


As I stated earlier, when we left we were so ready to cheer on our favorite team!  Although our team is off to a rough start, we can relive our experiences celebrating their historic moments.  The badge that you were given is your All Access Pass.    You will be sent a link to your experiences at the museum to relive and share on social media.  The best part is that this is FREE!


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Are you ready for some football?  Are you ready to relive the moments from your favorite team?

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