Get your Fright On at Six Flags Over Georgia’s Fright Fest



I do not know what it is about youth that sparks an interest in all things scary.  I can recall watching those classics Nightmare on Elm Street movies over and over.  Not to forget the classic haunting tales of the Omen, Texas Chainsaw Massacre,  and the Exorcist.  If there was a scary movie coming out, I was there.  As I have grown older something changed within me, and getting my scare on was not something that appealed to me.  Perhaps it is because of the way technology has evolved.  The special effects are just too real that my head just can’t seem to watch the films that are out now.  Or maybe it was because I had children and the idea of scaring them while getting scared myself–nah, I would rather not!

Even though my heart was not in it, there was apart of me that wanted to experience that scare again.  For years I have watched the previews and promoted Six Flags Over Georgia’s Fright Fest, but I just could not gather up enough courage to take the plunge.  The commercials looked ever so tempting, despite my fear of all things scary now!  Heck, I can’t even watch The Walking Dead or American Horror Story.

When I was given the opportunity to come out to Six Flags Over Georgia to check out their 2016 Fright Fest, that young girl inside awoke.  Something just happened, and I decided it was time to face my fear.  After all, I know Six Flags well.  I go there several times a year, and always feel pretty safe there.  What could there possibly be there that could really scare me!





Once you walk through the ticketing gate, you can sense you are in for a real scare.  Attention to detail is one thing that Six Flags definitely has mastered this frightful holiday season. From the eerie music that plays throughout the park to the ominous fog that travels throughout , Six Flags Fright Fest is calling your name.  More than 20 spine-chilling haunted attractions await those who dare to enter the gates at Six Flags Over Georgia for the largest Fright Fest® event in park history.  


We began our adventure at Dr. Fright’s Frightorium in 3D.  The name of this place was definitely calling our name especially since it was daylight and I figured I had time to escape, if need be:) I mean 3D and Haunted House in one.  If I was going to let that inner girl escape at Fright Fest, this would be the place to begin.  Of course, I laid out the directions prior to walking up the creaking steps to Dr. Fright’s.  Me to my husband, “Alright, I will be holding onto you and walking BEHIND you as you lead them through!”  His response, “Of course dear!”  We were given our 3D glasses and lead into the gathering spot where we were told the do’s and don’ts by a unique character dressed in bright, glowing clothes.  Then we were on our way.  Was it scary?  Yes, and if you are afraid of clowns…well, this might not be the stop for you!  I can tell you when I exited the Frightorium, I was ready for more and pretty much scared.  Strange how I could want the exact opposite at the same time!  I am thinking I felt comfortable because it was still daylight, and people are safe from the fright until the sun sets.  Right?


Following the haunted house, we headed to the Big Top Terror show.  This is where you want to begin your evening. Fright Fest begins each night with The Uprising, where bloodthirsty monsters are released into the dark of night.  Here you meet Dr. Fright and his band of traveling monsters.  They are looking for more people to join their show, and you better get moving if you are going to make it out!




In case you have not figured it out, this year’s Fright Fest has a kind of circus freak show appeal to it.  In order to get the characters ready, Six Flags goes to great lengths to bring its guests as close to scary as possible.  We had the chance to go behind the scenes to check out just how they transform their employees into monsters. Chris and his crew begin their work on Fright Fest early in the year.  They prepare molds for masks and arrange for materials that will make their creations as life-like as possible.  Most of the magic happens through airbrushing and prosthetics.  As someone who was trying to relive her inner teenage girl, I was comforted as an adult when I learned that under no circumstances are they allowed to touch guests.  They have this three-step rule to follow that allows them to get close, but not too close.



10/9/09 8:24:19 PM -- Six Flags Fright Fest Performance Photography. "Dead Man's Party" © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2009

10/9/09 8:24:19 PM — Six Flags Fright Fest Performance Photography. “Dead Man’s Party” © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2009

One thing you will not want to miss when you are here is the Dead Man’s party!  I was so impressed by the caliber of artists that were in the show.  They were amazing!  Between the music and the choreography, you are in for a real treat!  Six Flags takes pride in who they are hire, and they work hard to make sure that those characters are ready to provide an authentic experience to guests.  And that does not stop at the shows.  Throughout the entire park guests will encounter a variety of unusual spirits that are ready to help you get your scare on!




Fright Fest is included as part of the normal Six Flags Over Georgia tickets.  If you want to participate in the mazes and haunted houses, you will need to purchase an additional Haunted Attractions Wristband.   Visit here for more information on Fright Fest Ticket options.

Do not forget to stop by and check out Rage of the Gargoyles. In Rage of the Gargoyles, riders wearing Samsung Gear VR headsets will become pilots of an Apache-style helicopter, transported into a futuristic battle against blood-thirsty gargoyles on Dare Devil Dive and experience:

·         The incredibly immersive world of virtual reality – straight up nearly 100 feet as the gargoyles pound on the copter’s windshield;

·         Flying down a 95 degree launch off the edge of a building – beyond vertical;

·         Darting between a devastated cityscape with battered skyscrapers, hazardous bridges, and falling debris; 

·         Daring aerobatic maneuvers through three inversions and zero-gravity hills; and

·         A fully interactive gaming battle through 2,100 feet of track to destroy the vicious master gargoyle.


Six Flags Atlanta  Photo by: Craig T. Mathew/Mathew Imaging

Six Flags Atlanta
Photo by: Craig T. Mathew/Mathew Imaging

During the day, the park is filled with tamer Thrills by Day Halloween activities for families to enjoy together, including a harvest festival, arts and crafts, pumpkin painting, spooky stories and more. Children 12 and under are encouraged to wear a family friendly costume to the park and take part in a costume contest with their favorite Looney Tunes friends.  

Fright Fest at Six Flags Over Georgia runs through Halloween night October 31 on select days. A Haunted Attractions Pass is required for all mazes. For more information, please visit Fright Fest 2016.

Disclaimer:  I attended a Media Night Preview of Fright Fest.  All opinions presented are 100% mine.




23 thoughts on “Get your Fright On at Six Flags Over Georgia’s Fright Fest

  1. momknowsbest15 says:

    My younger boys are beginning to like the scary part of Halloween. Their older brother might just take them to a haunted house.

  2. mybelleelle says:

    There is something similar at the Six Flags in my area that I have always wanted to check out. I love when theme parks do something extra for a holiday. Looks like I would have a great time.

  3. planningthemagic says:

    I’ve never been a huge fan of being scared. I’m like a negative fan haha. I love how put together this is because the six flags here does not do a good time. I’m glad you enjoyed!

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