Hello Kitty Cafe Tour

hello kitty cafe
Hello Kitty was synonymous with my childhood.  My sister and I LOVED visiting the Hello Kitty store in the local mall and spending all of our allowance on the adorable items found throughout the store.  I mean  what little girl would not LOVE this.  The scented items to the precious and CUTE characters, every penny I made was poured into that store.  I proudly used those items at school and on anything  else I could get away with using it on.
We just could not get enough.  Unfortunately, as I continued to get older and gave birth to boys, I kind of lost that affection I had to Hello Kitty until I was whisked back to my childhood today!  My family and I went to Atlantic Station in Atlanta to see an early release of Middle School-The Worst Years of My Life movie, which was AWESOME by the way!  As soon as we got out of the car we noticed that there were quite a few people dressed up in costumes that resembled some sort of anime characters.  It was not until I asked one of local security officers why there was this LONG line of people waiting for something that I got my answer.
The picture below does not do this justice at all!  The line was wrapped along the sidewalk and no where near this scene.  All we could see was a long line of people and no image of what could be captivating so many people.
We were informed that the long line was for the Hello Kitty Cafe, a traveling truck that started in California.  Instantly I was whisked back to my childhood with my sister.  Images of the Sanrio products raced through my mind and now I was stuck deciding if I go into the movie or stand in line!  Seriously, I had dilemma  on my hands.  I figured maybe the line would die down by the time we got out of the movie–I was wrong!  When we left the theater, the line was where I had left it-only now there were different people, young and old, just waiting to visit the Hello Kitty Cafe.
Due to some other things we had to see that afternoon, I could not make time to stand in line..  After all, we had to be at the Children’s Museum in Atlanta for their cool Magic Treehouse exhibit.  But in the back of mind I was trying to figure out a way to get back there.  I just HAD to be apart of this! Thankfully my family loves a good adventure.  After visiting the museum and eating out, we made it back just in time for almost no line at all!
So what was at the cafe?  It was not really food, like fill your belly food.  It was some yummy and delectable desserts.  They had Hello Kitty themed cookies, minicakes, donuts, and macaroons. Other items like a cute pink Hello Kitty bag, t shirt, and coffee mugs were also available for purchase.
We bought these cute cookies!  They are almost just too cute to eat!
The Hello Kitty Cafe is heading to Florida next.  Perhaps it is coming to your town.  The best way to know is to follow them on Facebook.  They are generally open from 12 to 8, or until supplies last.  
They also have some #HelloKittyForPresident cookie+bumper sticker sets for sale.  “Only 50 sets for sale per Truck appearance (limit 1 per customer per purchase).”  Now I totally missed out this, but maybe you won’t!
If  Hello Kitty is or was your thing, then join them at their next tour stop!  Be apart of their #FriendshipParty and vote Hello Kitty for President:) 
hello kitty cafe

 Disclaimer: Images from myself and Hello Kitty website.

23 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Cafe Tour

  1. Elizabeth O. says:

    How adorable is this tour! I really would like to give their food and coffee a try. The bonus is that the food and the drinks look so cute! I’m sure my daughter will be excited about this one.

  2. Fashion Travels (@tauyanm) says:

    this is totally cute! I from asia, singapore and malaysia and now in Dubai. and those countries has their own hello kitty cafe or spa or theme park. So if you love hello kitty must visit this countries and you’ll see hello kitty everywhere. that pink combi hello kitty is so cute!

  3. Rachel Mouton says:

    Oh my goodness! I love this. I found their Facebook page last week. I am going to be in Atlanta two days after it leaves 😦 I can’t wait to follow along and see if they make it to Louisiana ❤

  4. R U S S says:

    I love how Hello Kitty has been able to transcend even after all these years. So many people, yes – even grown-up ladies, still adore Hello Kitty. I have several friends who’d go bonkers when they see that cute Hello Kitty truck ( good Marketing move if you ask me ).

  5. Krystel Seijo says:

    I love this! This brought back so many memories for me as well as I grew up loving Hello Kitty too. I loved those little stores that used to sell all the Sanrio stuff! I have to look on their website and hope they make a trip to NY!

  6. Elizabeth O. says:

    This kitty is making waves all over for opening up their cafe! It’s awesome to be able to try their desserts but that’s just a really long line. The desserts are adorable and that sticker is just really cute!

  7. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I love Hello Kitty and this Hello Kitty Cafe tour is indeed awesome. This would indeed be something to see for sure. I would love to get some of the treats and the bumper stickers. Thanks for sharing the information.

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