Autotrader’s #ParkandBark Celebration August 26

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Autotrader; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


My family loves getting outdoors with our furbabies, and if the truth be told, the furbabies enjoy it even more than we do.  All we have to do is say the word “bye bye,” and they are off to the door.  They seriously can’t contain their excitement.  They know exactly where to go too—the car.  We open the door, and in they go–making themselves at home as you can tell from the pictures.

What you can’t tell from these pictures is how Zoey, pictured in the top photo, used to not be able to ride in a car.  Every time we would take her, she ended up getting sick.  First the drooling would set in and within a matter of time the throwing up would start.  You would not know that from her picture though.  Nowadays she does perfectly fine!  So how did we get her over the sickness?  Patience and not giving up.  We began by taking her out in drives through our neighborhood.  We would talk to her and pet her the whole time.  This seemed to help ease her anxiety.  Then we would increase the length of time by driving to further stopping points.  The more we took her out and eased her anxiety, the better she got.  Now she LOVES to go!

Traveling in a car can be difficult, and you will want to be prepared.  There are many products available that make pet traveling easier.  From time to time my family will use a crate to transport our dogs if we are going long distances.


Got a big dog, or a dog that can’t jump into the car?  Look at purchasing a pet ramp.  Pet ramps are the perfect way to allow animals to enter a vehicle.  You can even invest in a pet carseat!

Taking our pets along in our vehicles is not something that we should take lightly. In order to help our dog transition to car rides, we had to do alot of research!  Simple things like having a pet friendly car is important, but it does not stop there.   Pet-safety is something all pet owners should think about prior to setting out on the road.  So where should you go to seek that advice?  Autotrader!  Autotrader knows cars, and they want to help you keep your beloved pet safe in a vehicle.  Check out these articles Autotrader has written especially for pet owners.

8 Pet-Friendly Accessories for your Car or Truck

Safety Tips for Traveling with your Pet 

5 Great Cars for Dog Lovers 


I am fortunate that I live just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.  We have so many Georgia State Parks within driving distance. Not only are there plenty of state parks, but also we also have a wide variety of county parks including dog parks.  One of our favorite places to visit is Line Creek.  It is such a great place for a walk for both humans and dogs.  Whenever we go we make sure that are we are prepared by packing the following items:

Poo Bags– As gross as that might be, they are a necessity.  No one wants to see or step in a pile of  yucky mess.

Treats & Water-Dogs are curious animals.  If you have ever gone out walking with them, you know they want to stop and sniff the territories that have already been marked.  Sometimes they get too excited and dart off.  Having some treats they enjoy to keep on hand allows you to continue to reward good behavior while being out.  Do not forget the H2O either.  Both you and your pet will need to jeep hydrated!

Toys– It is also a great idea to bring along a tennis ball or frisbee.  If the chance arises, take it.  Enjoy some fun time with your pet and play fetch/catch.

Phone or Dog Identification– You always want to be prepared with your dog’s information and current picture. When you go out, snap a picture of your pet.  It would also be a great idea to know the details of your dog too such as when they had their last tetanus shot or vaccinations. In the event he or she gets lost, you have a picture that can help find your animal.  Additionally, if for some reason the unthinkable happens and your dog is attacked or attacks someone, you have a current listing of their needs.   I recommend setting notes in your phone so they are always handy.


Did you know that August 26th marks the 12th annual National Dog Day !  This day  was created to honor the pups we love and raise awareness about the volume of dogs that need homes. Knowing that dogs are some of the best travel companions around, Autotrader is celebrating the bond between humans, dogs, and cars and hosting a National Dog Day event in its headquarter city of Atlanta on Aug. 26 from 5-8 pm.

My family is so excited to join Autotrader and fellow dog owners  at Autotrader’s National Dog Day #ParkandBark event taking place on August 26th from 5-8 pm at Historic Fourth Ward Park in Atlanta adjacent to North Ave. and N. Angier Ave. (right next to the Masquerade!). The event will have free dog treats (and puppy ice cream), dog accessory giveaways, a dog adoption corner, and will feature a series of  “pet experts” to offer CPR demos, wellness advice, and more! Autotrader’s resident expert and longtime automotive editor Brian Moody will be in attendance to offer insights on the latest in dog-approved cars – and we’ll have a couple of vehicles on display for your viewing pleasure.

We really hope to see you there!  Get ALL the details on their Facebook event page here.


27 thoughts on “Autotrader’s #ParkandBark Celebration August 26

  1. Elizabeth O. says:

    Dogs and other house pets should be taken care of well especially if you’re planning to take them with you on a trip. I think these are very good tips and it’s so nice to be attending an event that’s perfect for dogs!

  2. Kandi says:

    We would love to take our dog places with us- but she is a bit to big to fit in the back with the kids now! We have a Siberian Husky so if all of us go it gets tight.

  3. Eileen says:

    Thank you for these tips. My fur baby however, does not show any anxiety when we take him with us on a trip. I’ll share this with my sister. Her dog, Oreo trembles at the first few seconds they take her in the car.

  4. Kathy Kenny Ngo says:

    I’m a dog person that’s why I can’t stop staring at your photos. The dogs are so cute and irresistible!

  5. Dawn McAlexander says:

    Our dogs are so small that we are scared to take them outside. We have large predatory birds around here (hawks an ravens). I have heard of people’s small dogs being picked up and carried off by these birds, so we keep ours safe and comfy inside. Glad to see that yours get to enjoy the outdoors!

  6. Yona Williams says:

    I’m going to have to keep National Dog Day in the back of my mind. Your furry friends are too cute. Mine loves riding in the car…but doesn’t last long. She ALWAYS falls asleep in my lap…it’s too funny.

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