It’s Back to School Time Already


If you walk into a store and see parents and kids running around with paper in their hand, you can pretty much guarantee that it is Back to School time once again.  As a teacher and a mother, I know how overwhelming  and EXPENSIVE this time can be.  I have had to buy my own share of binders, graphing paper, calculators, etc…  Buying supplies is only the tip of the iceberg really.  You gotta find time and money to buy school clothes, shoes, and accessories.

I am not here to talk about those things though; I am here to talk about school lunches! When I was a kid, I never brought my lunch to school.  My parents expected me to eat the food that the school served and not to complain.  I survived off of school lunches!  I even eat them from time to time as a teacher.

 When I became a parent, I jumped on the bandwagon to feed my kids a wholesome lunch that only I could provide.  So began the tedious task of prepping school lunches each evening or morning if I was running behind.  I wanted to offer them a variety of things.  I figured if I kept it exciting, they would be less likely to trade the items out.   Their lunches consisted of a variety of easy to eat colorful foods cut into fun shapes.  This was even before the time of Bento.  I made sure it contained the following:


Peanut butter or turkey sandwich;  Hummus and crackers


Celery, Carrots


Grapes, Strawberries, Apple slices


Yogurt, energy bars


Do you need some new ideas?  I have scoured the Internet to find some new ideas for you…….. even for the pickiest of eaters!

50 Back to School Lunch Ideas (

Back to School Made Easy (

21 Back to School Lunches Kids Will Love (

Healthy School Lunches and Snacks (

School Lunch Recipes (

20 Easy Bento Lunches (

Do you have any great lunch ideas?  Have you had any lunchbox “fails” that you want to share?  What about lunch box “wins”?

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3 thoughts on “It’s Back to School Time Already

  1. cgmjemus says:

    Going back to school can be a trying time, And an expensive time. We appreciate all you do to help make this a more enjoyable time. We value your take on these things especially as both a Mom and a teacher.

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