The Sugar Goblin

Once upon a time, the Sugar Goblins came to town every Halloween. The children loved to share their treats knowing that they were helping the Sugar Goblins. But as time passed, the children began to keep the candy and the goblins eventually stopped coming. Now the goblins’ candy pantry is empty. It’s time to bring back the tradition. Help the goblins, share your trick or treats, and invite a new friend to your home this, and every, Halloween.


Halloweens are fun in my family!  We love to decorate our home in fun spooky decorations, buy the “good” candy, and of course do a little trick or treating.  The best part is coming home with all that candy to sort through.  We like to have three piles in our home:  their’s, mom’s, dad’s!  I am sure you can relate to this.  I recall growing up in the day and day age where you trick or treated what seemed all night long, and you feasted on a smorgasbord of sugary delights for the weeks following Halloween.  We had a special drawer in the refrigerator to keep all the candy and my sister and I nibbled on pieces all the time!  My parents could care less what we had for dinner!  If you wanted the candy, then by all means, eat the candy!  I loved it!

Times are quite different today.  While I enjoy getting all the candy and do so the kids, I have come to the realization that we have to eat this stuff in moderation.  Moderating it is not an easy task in my home.  If it is here, they will eat it!  Heck, who am I following?  We will ALL eat it!  We will even visit our favorite retailers and buy the discounted bags of our favorites just so we can have more to enjoy.


Are you familiar with the whole Elf on the Shelf idea?  Thanks to “The Sugar Goblin,” I no longer have to face the temptation of eating up all the sugary goodness and wondering where did all these additional pounds come from on me and my kids.  Now kids can look forward to waking up to find what the sugar goblin has done.   “The Sugar Goblin”  is  a fun family tradition that begins when you read aloud the The Sugar Goblin: The Return of Tricks for Treats.  Th story reveals that “The Sugar Goblin” were not wanted by kids, and the kids were not up to sharing any of their candy!  themselves not wanted by the kids.   Since “The Sugar Goblin” eat Halloween treats to survive, they are desperate for the candy.  The tale continues as “The Sugar Goblin” make their return to providing tricks for treats.

Inside each kit is an adorable little sugar goblin for your family to enjoy.  Of course, touching him or her is not allowed!  No one wants “The Sugar Goblin” to be scared and turn home early to the Sugar Goblin Village.  Instead, children gather up as much Halloween candy as they can to give to their special “Sugar Goblin” so that he or she can return to the Sugar Goblin Village with as much candy as they need to survive another year.


The great thing about “The Sugar Goblin” is that he or she does not do any kind of reporting on behavior.  They simple hang around the house and play tricks so that the children will give them lots of treats in return.  The best part is “The Sugar Goblin” leaves behind a small gift of appreciation for the children in exchange for the candy.  As a mommy that wants to watch what her kids are taking in, this makes me very happy!  I do not mind investing in a product that helps me to “lessen” sugar intake at my home around candy filled holidays.  What is even cooler is that  “The Sugar Goblin” does not have to come just once a year!  “The Sugar Goblin” can visit your home at Valentine’s and Easter! Now how is that for a return on your investment!

Check out The Sugar Goblin: The Return of Tricks for Treats on Amazon. It is never too late to order one!  Have him come just before Halloween to help you “unload” some of that candy in a fun and creative way this holiday season!

My family is excited to begin the adventure this Sunday night with our Sugar Goblin named Zoey!  Stay tuned for our adventures.  Pictures will be posted here throughout the week.


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Disclaimer:  I was provided with the product in exchange for my opinion.  All opinions presented are 100% true.  I will only recommend items to my readers that I feel are worthy of the investment.

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