American Girl Experience at Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta & Giveaway

I have a confession to make!  I am a grown up that LOVES American Girl dolls and movies.  Unfortunately, when I grew up back in the 70s and early 80s when these dolls were not around.  My love for these dolls began when I started teaching 5th grade.  I am the kind of teacher that likes to bring social studies alive for my students.  I am constantly searching for ways to do this.  Considering that the history I teach is from the past, I have to rely on videos, books, role playing, etc… to help my students really “get” the material.  I often tell them that we are like Jack and Annie from the Magic Tree House series.  Once you arrive in my classroom and walk through those doors, you have entered the magical tree house that will transport you to another time and place.


Pleasant Rowland, the one credited with creating the American Girl Company, began the American Girl adventure in 1986.   Rowland created the American Girl dolls for two reasons.   The first reason was that she wanted girls to have a doll that they could relate to, a companion.  Having grown up the in 70s and early 80s as a young girl, all that I could get were dolls that involved me being a parent and the infamous Barbie doll.   I would have jumped at the chance to own a doll that could be my companion.  A doll that I could relate to and share experiences with rather than ones that made me think I had to look or be a certain image.  The second reason she created the dolls was to help bridge the gap between history and girls.  She wanted to help show girls that girls are the same emotionally from era to era.  Although fashions and times may have been different, the heart of the girl remains the same.

Recently I had the opportunity to attend an American girl “pink carpet” event at the Alpharetta Marriott. No longer do we have to feel the need to fly out to New York to provide our girls with the ultimate American Girl experience.  We have it right in our area at the Alpharetta Marriott location!  The pink carpet event was designed to showcase the American Girl experience at the hotel, and provide a time for American Girl fans of all ages to come and celebrate Grace and her movie, “Grace Stirs up Success.”   Everywhere you looked you could see girls holding tightly their doll of choice and all dressed up for the occasion.


Guests began the morning being greeted with an elaborate pink balloon archway that just seemed to scream to all girls of all ages, “Yes, this is for you!”    To make girls feel even more special and important,  girls were given VIG cards, Very Important Girl, which provides them with unique opportunitie upon redemption such as  cookies, discounts, and special offers. As if it could not get even sweeter, it did!  Fabulous Princess tiaras, feather boas, and a pink American Girl bag were provided for each guest!   It was at this time that I seriously wanted to be 8 again!


Upon entering the hotel, guests are immediately drawn to an adorable special pink check in area just for little girls and dolls.


Following that, guests were whisked to the second floor to view these precious American Girl suites.  From the duvet, bath robes, clock, bean bag chair, and more, an explosion of pink engulfs guests as you enter the room, and girls can’t help but want to stay here!  What am I saying? As an adult, I wanted to be here!  The Alpharetta Marriott seriously thought of it all.  From the cookies to the doll sized bed, this is an American Girl fan’s dream come true!


Two packages are available for American Girl fans at the Alpharetta Marriott location.

 Deluxe accommodations for one weekend night
Breakfast in restaurant
An American Girl® doll-sized travel bed to keep – limit one per stay
Cookies and milk delivered to your room (for your doll too!)
Keepsake VIG Card valid for a free snack in the hotel gift shop
Complimentary WiFi
Refreshing indoor and outdoor pools
Free hotel parking
Movie night every Saturday night
Separate American Girl® check-in

The American Girl® Everything Pink Deluxe package and receive the above, plus:
Pink duvet and pink towels
Robe for your girl during her stay***

Our adventure did not stop at the American Girl suites!  We were then taken to the pink carpet event to celebrate “Grace Stirs up Trouble.”  We walked on the pink carpet to our next location, the decorating of picture frames.  This would be later used to house the picture that we received as a complimentary gift.


Following that, we entered into the grand ballroom to see this beautiful fountain.
Guests were served popcorn, hot dogs, chips, and drinks.  Our favorite was the American Girl Pink Lemonade.
Then we settled down on bean bags chairs, pink ones for course, to enjoy our feature presentation, “Grace Stirs up Trouble.”
The Alpharetta Marriott really did an outstanding job with their “pink carpet” event to celebrate the love the American Girl dolls.  If you have an American Girl fan at home, you MUST take them to experience this adventure.  I am looking forward to going back soon and experiencing it with my niece.  Providing our little girls with unforgettable and unique experiences is what dreams are made of!  Be sure to visit North Point Mall in Alpharetta, where girls can enjoy their favorite shops, casual dining in the Bistro, and extra-special celebrations.
Want to win a $50 American Girl gift card?  I am going to give one away just in time for the holiday season.
Giveaway open to US and Canada and ends November 26, 2014.

36 thoughts on “American Girl Experience at Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta & Giveaway

  1. shelly says:

    We love these dolls! My daughter adores dressing them up and role playing with them. I never had one as a girl so I’m living vicariously through her.

  2. @wendynoel72 says:

    My 7 year old loves her American Girl doll and I can’t wait to take her (them) to Chicago to the American Girl store. Like you, I’m probably way more excited than I should be. lol

  3. AnnaZed says:

    I adore American Girl dolls and their message about real girls and real stories. I must say I am bit surprised by those Barbie pinks and princess crowns; I’m not a fan of those.

  4. heather wesley says:

    I had never seen one before, and my daughters friend has one and fell in love. would love to get one for her… xmas maybe

  5. momexptheworld says:

    I think the American Girl dolls are high quality and realistic, they aren’t too scary looking like some other dolls, if you know what I mean, lol. There are also beautiful clothing and accessories for the dolls, I wish we had one! DDs have it high up on their wishlist!

  6. Taylor Gilchrist says:

    My daughter and I LOVE American Girl Dolls!! I love them just as much as my daughter does!! My love for American Girl started when I was a little girl, I read all of the books and I was lucky enough to receive Samantha, Kirsten, and Felicity as gifts from my Mother and my Great-Grandma!! I kept my American Girl dolls and just brought them out if storage and passed them on to my own daughter and now they are her special friends!!! My daughter now has Kanani, McKenna, Saige, Isabelle, Grace, Kit, Samantha, Kirsten and Felicity!!! And now my mother and my Great-Aunt collect American Girl Dolls as well! We are an American Girl loving family!!! ❤

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