Switch Witch, A New Halloween Tradition for Families

My family really enjoys participating in the holiday books with accompanying dolls.  I love that they allow you to interact with your kids on a magical level.   Staying up and late and creating scenarios that make my kids wonder makes my heart happy!  If you are one of those parents that enjoy this, then I have a new tradition for you!  You may not have realized this but there are now dolls available for Halloween, and I can’t stop raving about this cute hardcover keepsake box set with family and friends.  Plus, this one the kids can TOUCH!
SW main pic

Halloween is a fun time for many.  Kids dressing up and going door to door asking for treats!  On the other hand, there are many parents that wish their sweet little princesses and goblins wouldn’t bring so much candy back into their homes.  Although the idea of dressing up and getting TONS of candy sounds fun, sometimes we just have too much!  What is a parent to do?  Well, many of us first pick out our favorites from the stash and set those to the side!  After we have taken the ones we know we want, then sets in the task of going through the remaining pieces and sorting out what they will at versus what they won’t.  Then comes the hiding part!  I do not know about you but I had to be creative and find hiding spots all over the house to stash candy in.  If I didn’t, my kids would eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until it was all gone.   Of course, there were plenty of temper tantrums to be had because I took their candy away. Now, if there was only a way to get the kids to give up their candy in exchange for something else?  This is where the the original Switch Witch comes into play! 

In the days leading up to Halloween, children play with their Switch Witch doll. As all good hosts do, kids make their Switch Witch friend feel happy and welcome. In exchange, each Switch Witch has an amazing surprise on Halloween night. At bedtime, kids leave a heap of trick-or-treat sweets with their Switch Witch pal, and in the morning they will see that their candy has been magically switched (wink! wink!) for a special switch gift.
The Switch Witch Log at the end of the book is a great way to record children’s Halloween memories – with plenty of space to log dates, Halloween costumes, and Switch Witch gifts.
The Switch Witch LLC is also an official sponsor of Operation Gratitude – donating a portion of every Switch Witch sale to this national non-profit which annually sends 150,000+ care packages filled with snacks, hygiene products, hand-made items, and personal letters of appreciation to U.S. troops deployed overseas.  So this Halloween, when parents find themselves with spare candy from their Switch Witch, they can ship it directly to Operation Gratitude so a sweet taste of home can be included in the troops’ winter care packages.
The complete Switch Witch package is available on the website, through Amazon, and in select retail shops nationwide.
Grab a countdown clock to the magic Halloween swap, downloadable coloring pages, and check out the Switch Witch blog at their website.  Families can also share their own Switch Witch photos, ideas, and traditions on Switch Witch’s social media accounts listed below.
Be sure to watch Shark Tank on Friday, October 23 at 9pm ET/PT on ABC.  Switch Witch is pleased to announce that we will be featured on the hit show! Be sure to tune in and support their magical Halloween Tradition!
Want to win your own Switch Witch?  Giveaway open to US residents and will end October 24.
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10 thoughts on “Switch Witch, A New Halloween Tradition for Families

  1. Taylor Gilchrist says:

    I never know what to do with all of our extra Hallween candy!! I only allow my daughter to eat a little bit of it and the rest just sits there!! Then we get more candy for Christmas, then Valentine’s Day, then Easter!! It’s a never ending cycle of candy!!

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