From the Teacher’s Desk: Minecraft

Are your kids crazy about Minecraft?   I know my son LOVES this game and can play for hours and hours.  He even enjoys reading books on the open-ended game or watching you tube tutorials.  The possibilities are endless for those that love this game.

As a teacher, I love that Minecraft reinforce geometric concepts.  Even more so I love that it strengthens thinking and reasoning skills, creativity, and even collaboration.


As a mom to boys that own nearly every Lego set imaginable, I love that this game does not cost me an arm and a leg.  I also don’t scream out in pure pain as I step on one of those sharp edged little plastic demons in the middle of the night!   Minecraft allows players the freedom to create just about anything they image from blocks.

 Thinking and Reasoning Skills

One very cool feature of Minecraft is the resources that are at the disposal of the players.   Just like in real life, their resources can run out if time and attention is not given how to effectively utilize what we have or need.  Players are genuinely learn real life skills through game playing.


In this day and age, kids have to learn to work well with others.  While Minecraft can be played by one person, players also have the option to connect with others to create and work collaboratively.  Of course, as with any online game or activity, parental monitoring is necessary.

Interested?  Check out some of the resources that Educents offers below.

Minecraft Education Educents Blog

Nothing encourages fun learning more than connecting games to educational lessons. Here are a few opportunities for Minecraft kids to learn new skills using a game they already love:

Youth Digital Discounted on EducentsYouth Digital’s Server Design: Learn to Code with Minecraft – Don’t just play, create! Kids ages 8 to 14 will learn the basics of one of the most popular coding languages in the world as they modify real Java code to build their own Minecraft server. Youth Digital’s Mod Design: Learn to Code with Minecraft – This is a Java class for Minecraft kids ages 8 to 14. Youth Digital’s online tech courses provide a safe, engaging learning environment for kids to master new technology skills.

Learn to Mod Discounted on EducentsMinecraft Coding Camp – In 4 weeks of this online afterschool camp, students in 3rd to 9th grade will learn the basics of coding through their favorite game.

Learn to Mod Minecraft – LearnToMod is a browser-based software that teaches students how to mod the PC-version of Minecraft®. Great for kids ages 6 and up!! More text is going to go here here here here.

All of these programs are offered on Educents at a discount.
Click HERE to start shopping for your Minecraft kid.

3 thoughts on “From the Teacher’s Desk: Minecraft

  1. Julie Wood says:

    Minecraft is a very good game to play and it helps kids learn and have fun in the process. My son really likes playing this game and could play it for hours!!

  2. Rosie says:

    I’ve never tried Minecraft myself, but I have heard of some games like this that are very good to help kids develop skills.

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