The Muppets on WSB

Oh what a joy it is to relive childhood memories!  When I was a little girl I loved watching television (still do)! Some of my favorites included The Addams Family, The Munsters, The Brady Bunch, The Monkeys….the list goes on and on!  One that is dear to my heart is The Muppets!  I loved watching this iconic show.  Checking out Miss Piggy’s glamorous wardrobe, jamming out to Animal’s crazy beats, trying to decide Beaker’s words, getting lost in space with the Pigs, etc.   these adorable characters and scenes are forever etched in my mind. 

Tonight I get to share those special childhood memories with my boys as The Muppets find their way back to prime time! 

I will be tweeting and sharing on Instagram tonight (Tuesday, September 22) from The Center of Puppetry Arts in Atlanta to celebrate The Muppets return!  

Please follow us as we take a trip down memory lane!

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