Your State Parks Day September 26


My family LOVES the great outdoors and what better place to go to than your local state parks.  Georgia has many parks to choose from with a wide variety of activities available at each.  One of those upcoming activities is the Your State Parks Day! Georgia State Parks has another great opportunity for families September 26.  Get free admission to your local state park and get in the spirit of volunteering!  Throughout the day visitors can join volunteer projects at over 60 state parks.

Friends of the Ga State Parks and Historic Sites is sponsoring this fun event in conjunction with National Public Lands Day. Many Georgia State Parks will be creating Monarch Butterfly gardens as part of the nationwide effort to increase pollinator habitat. Sponsored by Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites, the statewide celebration of National Public Lands Day showcases how parks enrich communities and the importance of local volunteerism. Volunteer opportunities are available statewide at more than 60 State Parks & Historic Sites across Georgia. For more information, visit or call 770-383-8900.

Grab your work gloves and your gardening shovels and help us plant pollinator gardens across the state!

2 thoughts on “Your State Parks Day September 26

  1. Rosie says:

    That is an amazing event, and to have the volunteering is an excellent idea! Many times ppl take parks for granted, but it will help engender appreciation to take care of them and preserve them.

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