The Birthday Project

Birthdays are truly something to celebrate!  Although my birthday is not for some time, I came acorss such a unique idea that I honestly wish my brithday was tomorrow!  Not what you would expect to hear from a girl that really does not want to age!

How about making your birthday mean something even more?


Recently I become aware of a movement called The Birthday Project.  Robyn Bomar, planner of charity based birthday parties for 15 years, wrote a single blog post about her own birthday in 2010.  “It was one single blog post about her own birthday in 2010 that received such unexpected reaction, it was the catalyst for what would later become The Birthday Project.  With over 300 reader comments, numerous emails, and countless mentions on blogs, message boards, Twitter and Pinterest, The Birthday Project was born.”  You can read about it here.

“The mission of The Birthday Project is to create a shift in the way people from all walks of life think about and celebrate their birthday (and other milestones). The Birthday Project serves as a source of information and inspiration on the infinite ways to do this, including highlighting lesser-known charities, insight on party/event ideas, tips on charitable giving, testimonials from both those participating in this movement and recipients of random acts of kindness and much, much more.”


Of course, we can all pay it forward each and everyday, but I challenge you to skip the partying and gifts this year.   On your birthday, join in a movement that will bring joy to others.  Something that apparently seems to be lacking at this time.  Give to others as what you will receive in return will be hundred times better than any gift you would have gotten otherwise.

Social Media Connections

The Birthday Project Facebook 

The Birthday Project website

bday project

All images and information taken from The Birthday Project website.

11 thoughts on “The Birthday Project

  1. Julie Wood says:

    I like the idea of thinking about others and doing random acts of kindness on my birthday instead of getting gifts. I think this is an inspirational site!

  2. rose says:

    is the same as the father daughter team in England?

    It is a very nice idea, imagine if everyone did this, there would be cheerful acts going on all the time since there is always a birthday.

  3. The Birthday Project says:

    Hi Leann! Thank you so much for such a lovely post! I really am so grateful anytime anyone shares the story and message of The Birthday Project. Please keep in touch and let me know how your birthday project turns out this year (I always say I offer a money back guarantee if it’s not your best, most favorite birthday ever!) 🙂 Thanks again.
    Robyn Bomar
    The Birthday Project

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