Burlap Wreath? Not as hard as you might think!


I have been in love with burlap wreaths for quite some time.  I have not purchased one yet because they are kind of out of my price range, well the ones that I want are!  Recently one of my friends, I call her the Pinterest Queen because she is so good and recreating things she finds on Pinterest and Etsy,  recreated an amazing patriotic wreath!  It was gorgeous!

She inspired me to try making one.

First I had to find a video worth watching to help me figure out just how to make a burlap wreath.  The people at Burlap Wreath had a You Tube video out that was great!  They presented it in such an easy way.  As I considered making a You Tube video to show you how to do it, I thought it would be best if I left that to the experts!  .

After watching the video a few times to figure out just what I was doing, I decided to would attempt my first burlap wreath.  Here is the end result!


I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy this was to make and it truly only took me about 10 minutes.

 I purchased my materials from Michael’s and Walmart.  From Michaels I purchased both the 12 inch wire wreath and the decorative patriotic symbol for around $3 each. I purchased the burlap from Walmart for about $3.50 a roll (30ft). Each store has a variety of burlap materials.

Do not have time to go track down these items?  No worries!  Check out Burlap Wreaths!  They have a special where they will send you the materials you need to make your very own wreath.  They also offer a few other kits here.

So, even if you are not crafty (like me) and do not have time (like me), you REALLY CAN make this wreath!

6 thoughts on “Burlap Wreath? Not as hard as you might think!

  1. Julie Wood says:

    I want to make a Burlap Wreath! Your wreath turned out gorgeous! You did a good job. I want to make one for my house. I think a 4th of July Wreath would be great.

  2. Nicole Dziedzic says:

    I love this DIY wreath, perfect for any celebration and holiday, very easy to work with burlap. And i love how you can customize this to any holiday.

  3. Sandy Cain says:

    This is so nice, and can be customized to any holiday, (or occasion, like birthday). I love burlap, it has that “earthy” feel and look to it. Thanks so much! Will watch and bookmark the tutorial)

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