Power Up and Read this Summer with Scholastic


As a teacher I know just how important it is  for your child to continue to keep their reading skills going during the summer.  The learning does not stop because we are no longer in school.  I am sure most you adults will agree that you still continue to learn even though you have been out of the classroom for years.

Thankfully in today’s world you have a variety of programs that you can involve your child in.  One that I particularly promote is the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge.  I use their products in the classroom so I am behind them 100%!


The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge is a free online program designed to motivate and excite your kids around reading books this summer. Kids can log the minutes they spend reading, play games, earn virtual rewards, and enter sweepstakes, all in an effort to set a new reading world record for summer 2015!

Scholastic and Energizer® have partnered for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge.  As your kids read and reach reading milestones, they unlock 12 original short stories. You can sign up your kids now and the challenge runs through September 4.

Register your child here


Maggie McGuire, VP of Scholastic Parents Channel – Scholastic.com, has created 6 videos  to give tips and book choices for all ages . These videos include tips for

Books that Make Kids Laugh

Get Crafty with Books

Innovate with Books

Celebrate with Books

Reading On the Go

5 Parenting Tips for Summer Reading

Social Media Connections

Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge website

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