Brain Chase Summer Program for Kids


Want to keep your kids interested in learning this summer while having fun?  Look no further than Brain Chase!  Brain Chase is a 5 week structured summer learning challenge for students in grades 2 through 8.  It is a global treasure hunt involving math, reading, and writing.  This year it will even include a foreign language!

Brain Chase is a personalized learning platform and as a parent you will receive a weekly progress reports by email.  With an original animated adventure series that has hidden puzzles and clues, your child will set out on a global treasure hunt for a a golden trophy and a $10,000 treasure.  


The program will begin June 22!  Register here.


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2 thoughts on “Brain Chase Summer Program for Kids

  1. Nicole Dziedzic says:

    This is a great summer program to get the kids involved in and it is fun. Awesome way to keep those brains running during the long summer break.

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