Give the Gift of Your Presence this Holiday


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“The holidays are a joyous time of year, but let’s be honest, they can also be the busiest time of year. Whether we are raising children full-time, balancing careers and family at the same time, working part-time, entering the workforce for the first time, or venturing out on our own—we are all trying to make our households run smoothly while meeting everyone’s expectations.

Living in the new era of Pinterest—where DIY has escalated to a whole new level— I realize there’s a lot of pressure on us … especially during the holidays. It’s hard not feel guilty when there is so much to do and celebrate, and just not enough time to get it done.

So this holiday, instead of doing it all yourself, we’ll take some of that work for you. We have time-saving tips, gifts on the go, inspiration and games for fun family activities (think long car ride distractions), and recipes for DIY nuggets—for clarification, that’s “Dress It Yourself” not “Do It Yourself.”

We hope our holiday site will serve as your go-to resource over the next several weeks and enable you to be part of the fun, feel crafty, and enjoy all that you’ve worked so hard to create this season.”

Chickfila Give the Gift of your Presence this holiday season blog

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