Nuclear Cowboyz Review


Being blessed with raising boys, I have had the privilege of doing many “guy” activities throughout my life as a mom.  I have been to many monster trucks shows, camped in the rain, and even lead a Cub Scout group.  I have certainly experienced my fair share of “manly” activities!  When we walked into the Gwinnett Arena Sunday, I had no idea what would be in store for me.  We had never heard of Nuclear Cowboyz  before and it is certainly a name we will not soon forget!


Through a storyline of an evil queen and her posse taking control of the Nuclear Cowboyz, two motocross teams compete for the claim to be the best!  Performers complete death defying stunts that capture the attention of those in attendance.  Explosions, fireworks, and high energy music whisk attendees into the realm of motocross.   To add to the excitement of the plot, Kung-fu fighters also battle it out to claim the throne of awesomeness!

Want to know more about this ridiculously awesome event?  Please check out my blog post featured on Atlanta Area Moms Blog.


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